Alice’s memoir ‘Dead Babies And Seaside Towns’ was published by Unbound on 2 July 2015.

‘Her account is astonishingly moving and her prose nothing short of hypnotic.’
The Independent

‘A searing, compulsively readable memoir of loss and motherhood.  The miracle is that this powerfully written book is not only bearable but compulsively readable.  It should be grim but it is absolutely not.  Jolly’s resolute determination to tell the whole, exhausting truth, however searing, emotional, unfashionable, unpalatable or savagely humorous, keeps us turning the pages, well into the night, and cheering her on.’
The Financial Times

‘Beautifully written and brutal honest.’
The Sunday Times

‘She is a writer of much feeling and little sentiment.  I expected to cry and I did; but I didn’t expect the laughs.’
The Times

‘It’s remarkable and generous and beautiful….’
Tim Pears 

‘So beautifully written that you can’t stop reading.
Woman and Home

‘There are lots of ways to make a baby in the 21st century … A compelling, funny and often dark memoir about how the author turned to surrogacy to have a second child.’
Prima Magazine

‘Alice’s writing is so precise and courageous it transforms her grief into a deeply powerful sense of hope and defiance.’
Rowan Pelling

‘….. beautifully written, deeply moving and full of emotional intelligence and wisdom which resonate far beyond these pages.  A welcome vein of dark humour runs through it – overall, it is surprisingly uplifting.’
The Literary Sofa

‘Heart-breaking but so compelling and beautiful I couldn’t put it down.’
Katie Fforde

‘Think you’ve read enough memoirs about death to last a life time? Think again. In common with the very best of them, Dead Babies and Seaside Towns is a book which bleeds life, telling a story laced with the kind of resilient dark humour by which our human tragedies are made bearable.’

‘A powerful, blackly comic memoir …. reflects on the ways in which 21st century families are created and on the kindness of strangers.’
The Sunday Express

‘… a beautifully poignant story that provides a welcome frankness in actually talking about the realities of dealing with bereavement …..’
The Lancet

‘Dead Babies and Seaside Towns is an important book; I suspect it could be seminal for women who have been through similar losses. It is also beautifully crafted and compelling.’
The Bookseller

‘…. offers an invaluable opportunity for readers to engage with pressing debates regarding surrogacy and other forms of assisted reproduction ……’
Centre of Medical Humanities