‘Mary Ann Sate, Imbecile’

Published by Unbound in June 2018. Available for order here
‘A rigorously researched, lyrical tour de force…The Guardian
‘…. a work of tremendous humanity…’ Times Literary Supplement

‘Between The Regions of Kindness’

Published by Unbound in 2019.
‘A very satisfying novel powered by heady emotions and questionable decisions…’ Times Literary Supplement

ifonly_cover_lg copy
If Only You Knew
‘This novel is beautifully paced and confidently written.’
Gloucestershire Echo

‘Alice Jolly’s second novel is another beautifully written emotional adventure, with perestroika-era Moscow providing an alluring and politically charged backdrop.’
The Good Book Guide 2006

‘It’s a really interesting book, and gives a fascinating insight into another culture. If you’re looking for something a bit different then this is a great read.’
Yours Magazine 2006

whattheeye_cover_lg copy
What the Eye Doesn’t See

‘Beautifully paced, beautifully understated and terrifically assured.’
Barbara Trapido

‘well-crafted prose … a page turner with pace.’
The Big Issue

Alice Jolly is a breath of fresh air in the publishing world and for a debut novel this is a cracking read. The story is captivating from the start, a true page turner and impossible to put down ….’
Stroud News and Journal

‘Alice Jolly’s first book is a story of complex family relationships, and the impact on its members when private tragedies become public scandal.’ Birmingham Evening Mail

‘A thought-provoking and beautifully-crafted novel about all kinds of love and the choices it makes us take, for better or worse.’
Dorset Echo

‘This fantastic first novel tells the story of a sick woman trying to bring her son and grand daughter together after a terrible event has torn them apart ….’ Prize Quest